Vanessa Tillman, Director of Charitable Works

Vanessa Tillman

Director of Charitable Works

Born and raised in the cozy mountain resort town of Big Bear, California, Vanessa Tillman grew up in a close-knit environment that placed a tremendous value on community. This experience helped cultivate her innate desire to serve those in need, and to give back when able. Growing up the daughter of devoted foster parents, and the granddaughter of missionaries who, throughout the course of two decades, built churches and schools in Nigeria and throughout Europe, Vanessa has always been surrounded by acts of good will servitude. Inevitably, these life lessons would compel her to follow her heart and seek opportunities where she could make a difference in society. Being the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran where she had first hand insights into the political and socio-economic impacts of post-war assimilation challenges, Vanessa had a strong desire to work with military persons; our nation’s heroes. Vanessa joined the Elite Veterans Initiative with one goal: make sure every aspect of her involvement positively impacted military persons and their families. As Director of Charitable works, this is her mission; a mission she’s been preparing for her entire life.

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