Dustin Tillman, Co-President of Elite Veterans Initiative

Dustin Tillman


Co-Founder and CEO of the Elite Aerospace Group, Dustin Tillman is committed to the core values that guide all companies under the Elite Group. These core values of Excellence in all we do, Lasting contribution to society, Integrity in character and spirit, Tenacity, and Entrepreneurial spirit are the basis for building and sustaining the company that Dustin and his team were always looking to work for but could not find.

Growing up in Huntington Beach, California, Dustin, the son of two hard working parents, quickly learned the value of hard work, dedication, and the need to give back. This ultimately influenced an early goal for the Elite Group of establishing a charitable foundation that would make a lasting contribution to society and motivate Elite employees and the industry to serve others. He is passionate about instilling charitable endeavors as a fundamental part of the Elite Group and employing individuals who share this passion.

While attending events throughout the country to promote Elite, Dustin and Co-Founder, Zeeshawn Zia, met several veterans who expressed frustration over not being able to find work after the military due to lack of experience in various fields. It was instantly clear to Dustin and Zee that the focus for charitable endeavors should be to serve those who have served our country, and the idea for the Elite Veterans Initiative was born. Dustin said, “Men and women in the military possess the values, discipline, and integrity to succeed, and they care very deeply about their communities and country. It does not make sense that more employers are not embracing veterans as potentially valuable assets to their companies. I want the work we do at Elite and with EVI to allow people at any age to meet their full potential and keep the fire to accomplish their personal goals burning in their bellies.”

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