Phil Dixon, Co-President of Elite Veterans Initiative

Phil Dixon


Phil Dixon has been a founding member of the Elite Team from the earliest days. Back in 2013 Elite Aviation Products Co-Founder and CEO, Dustin Tillman, met in Phil’s garage to pitch him the idea of Elite Aviation Products and the Elite Group of companies with the promise that they could create a company that was not only successful but one that could leave a lasting contribution to society.

This concept of starting an enterprise from the ground floor that was rooted in making an impact on the community around them resonated with Phil. He had been working the previous six years as the Vice President of the Give and Grow Foundation that focused on children’s educational opportunities. During his time at Give and Grow, Phil was responsible for organizing school build projects, scholarship programs, tutoring and educational experiences for thousands of children and their families. Phil quickly realized that charitable works not only positively affected the lives of the children they were working with but also inspired, motivated and helped propel the volunteers to be more engaged employees and happier, healthier people.

This idea of helping others within the community expanded as Phil officially joined the Elite Team in 2015, and the concept of EVI – Elite Veterans Initiative was born. As the architect of the EVI program Phil wanted to create a program that would address the totality of the veteran experience in regards to reintegration into the work force. The Support, Empower, Employ pillars of EVI are intended to have a holistic effect upon a variety of veterans.

Phil states, “I am honored to be a part of the Elite Veterans Initiative and look forward to working with the variety of veteran groups that are already doing amazing things in the veteran community. Our Elite Team is a highly motivated group of people who are passionate about making a lasting contribution to society, and I cannot wait to see what we are able to collectively accomplish.”

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